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Originally Posted by Hrethgir View Post
LOL, that goofball was half the reason I kept coming back to read threads! My friend has his contract ending soon, and is looking for a sweet phone that will be better than my iPhone (and I think these Android OS phones can do that), and I'd start every workday with a "So, what di Newsradio say this time?" So finally decided to join up.

As for the original topic, I don't fully understand why the Desire isn't going to be offered in the States, seems like a great phone that people want. Only thing I can guess is that Google made a deal with HTC to not sell anything over here that's a direct competetor for the Nexus One in exchange for building the N1 for them. I know, new guy with a conspiricy theory, but that's just me brainstorming, no Breaking News here!
they didnt say it wasnt coming state side (also didnt say it was) just no info or any carriers stepping up and saying "Where getting that fo sho"
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