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Originally Posted by TC_Mits View Post
Does Android Forums have an app for Android? I don't see one. Had to key this on my notepad app and copy it in cuz my soft keyboard on this DX doesn't show the text as I type here. Idky, works fine everywhere else. I'm thinking about the D4. Wavering really. The right lapdock could be a game-changer for me. I have lotsa questions. To start, has any one tried to use a real usb mouse yet? If so, will a right mouse-click in FF bring up a real context menu that you can then navigate to and click on to select options just like on a desktop browser? Does the mouse scroll wheel work? I know this is too much to hope for...drag and drop with the mouse?
yes I use a usb (wireless) mouse with it and it works really well.

Right click and scroll also works using the mouse. An in both cases its much more preferred since doing it with the included touchpad takes a long time to go from one side of the screen to the other.

Other tibits that i have encountered with the lapdock 100 this past month are...
1-When trying to access photos using the file manager on the lapdock, they are presented in detail view only. there is no way to change it to show thumbnails. There is a thumbnail view to the right side of the file manager but it only showcases one photo (the one currently selected).
2-keyboard i give it 2 out of 5 stars
When you stroke a couple of keys the cursor jumps out of the line you are typing into another area of the screen, or it jumps into a previous word. i fy ou are not looking you end up with jumbled words since the typing was inserted elsewhere.
Now i do not know if its because my palm is reseting on the trackpad or not, but if so Motorola needs to disable the trackpad if one is typing.
3-While web srearching, the loading of each page feels like you are on dial-up.
Although this can be attributed to the fact that Webtop is linux on top of linux on top of Android (linux) or that firefox is slow. Either way i would love to be able to see other browsers available or at least the ones on your phone pushed over to the webtop.
4-Webtop does not have the capability to drag and drop lets say photos into an application. Such as facebook, twitter etc.
5-Unable to view photos or the gallery in webtop mode. One still has to use the phone and expand it.
6-of course the obvious one, no touch screen capability (which probably won't be introduced until version 5 or 6.)

If I think of any more, I'll post them here as well as over in the Motorola Webtop discussions Forums.

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