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Originally Posted by Reborn58 View Post
can anyone link me to the insiders post? or at least what their name is?
here ya go.

Originally Posted by open1your1eyes View Post
I am happy to tell everyone that all final testing has been concluded. All bugs (with the exception of one very minor bug that 99% of you will never see) have been resolved and passed quality check. December 8th has been officially set as launch date (internally for now) and there are no further plans for any delays. I cannot talk about preorders however and please do not consider this at all an official announcement until Verizon says so but I hope many of you will find this helpful in your decision making.


Originally Posted by open1your1eyes View Post
Well, as I did state before, I choose to keep my sources anonymous for variety of factors including the fact that many people question credibility and legitimacy. So like my original comment earlier in this thread: take this as you will and by no means should you consider this official until Verizon states it.

I'm sure you can understand if Verizon doesn't want to release that information to the public.

I'll be honest, I'm not going to reply to a lot of such comments as I'm not here to prove my credibility (hence why I stated from the start take everything I say as you will) but just wanted to clarify something.

  • December 13th was an internal launch deadline that was set regardless of the outcome of final testing as they only involved minor bugs. Verizon wanted to have this phone out by then even if it required a patch update post release.
  • December 8th has been set as the tentative launch date ever since the initial bugs were ironed out and only after the minor bugs were discovered, it was decided that a few days delay should become a possibility in case they couldn't guarantee December 8th due to ongoing testing.
  • However, the results are now in and they have been deemed acceptable hence the original date of the 8th is now internally official. I am only here to report this info and not to say that this is publicly set.

I really want to point out however to not take anything I say as official. We all know nothing can ever be 100% until you hear it publicly from Verizon (and even then last minute changes are always possible). I am only stating what is the current status.

I really appreciate all the thanks so far and I will update you guys if I hear anything else related to launch and preorders.
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