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Originally Posted by Kroswind View Post
I've had this phone for a few weeks now. First thing I did when I got it was throw down juice defender after seeing the laughable 4 hour talk time/6 hour idle time rating on virgin mobiles website. Since I've had it, juice defender seems to really be helping. I leave the phone on all night while im at work, and at the end of the day, its been on for around 12 or so hours. While it is in sleep mode most of the time, I usually only use about 30-40% of the total battery life.

Tonight though, was a totally different story. Im not completely sure what happened, but around 4 AM this morning (I work 3rd shift), I noticed the phone felt extremely hot in my pocket. I actually thought my battery over heated and burst at one point. So I pulled the phone out, only to find my battery life was down to around 20-15%. The phone was in sleep mode in my pocket the entire time. To my knowledge, I didnt have ANYTHING running that would have any reason to be using my freaking cpu at 100%. I dont play/have any games on this phone. The only apps I run are the browser and IMO(an MSN messenger app). Aside from juice defender, thats all I had running. Im assuming juice defender crashed and something hardcore went down that I didnt know about? Has anyone else experience anything like this? I'd like to have some kind of idea what exactly went down so I can try to avoid it later on. TBH, this phones not really worth having if its going to die constantly like this. This is the first time this has ever happened. I even checked the battery usage chart in the settings menu, and whatever happened was extremely dramatic. Around 3 AM or so something straight up sucked the life right out of this thing. I dunno if that page I had up in my browser was trying to refresh or what, but its a straight decline around that time.

This is the first smart phone I've ever owned though, so im still kind of getting used to it I guess. Though, I always figured smart phones were kind of jank, mainly because of all the other portable devices I've used in the past that are capable of internet connectivity, such as the psp. So far I've been pretty impressed with this phone, the browser works better than any other mobile device ive ever used, and its actually capable of doing all the things I wanted to do in the past. I've looked around for an extended battery, but so far, I dont think they make them for this model of phone yet. Or at least, I havent been able to find one.
same thing happened to me with my OPS that's why I returned it and stayed with my V... I started a thread about battery issues with the slider but no one replied back so I guess its just and I that had problems with it! Not knocking the slider it was great, the speed the keyboard and the screen was nice but I needed a phone that the battery lasts at least 8 HOURS!
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