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I just don't see ICS coming to the Epic 4G. At the rate that updates come even if it did my two years would have passed and it would be time to upgrade my phone. Personally I wouldn't purchase any phone from this day forward that doesn't already have ICS installed. This way you won't have to worry about if you will be supported with the ICS update.

I do agree with others that since the GB update I have a much better working phone. It is a great phone when its working but Froyo made my phone unusable and I almost left Sprint because of the problems I was having so the timing was perfect but not giving credit to Sprint or Samsung. Little by little Sprint is pushing their customers away. The sad part is there are no real good options on service providers. No matter who you go to, one way or another they will rob you, its just a matter of what you are willing to accept. AT&T are rated number one in data speed, Verizon are number one in cell reception and Sprint falls into last place for both. The only thing Sprint currently has over the others is the unlimited data plan, smartphone only. When they take that away, and they will, they will not have any advantage over anyone else. When Sprint totally drops the ball and gives me no reason to stay with them my only choice is Verizon even though I don't care much for them either there is no way I will ever go to AT&T. The future doesn't look so good so I'm hoping there will be another company that rises from the ground and shows the big three how business should be done. Until then, I'm stuck with Sprint and their lack of customer support.

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