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Originally Posted by Nashdroid View Post
So...let me get this straight... You always came on here because you wanted to see what Newsradio would say next, and his user name has been banned for awhile now. Then he has the alias Dreamangelzz, which we all found out was him just yesterday, and he gets banned from that account, and then the very next day you decide to become a contributing member of this forum? That's very interesting... Glad to see you're such a Newsradio fan, even though in your very first post in another thread you said that you think this forum will be better without Newsradio because it will be less news-to-noise ratio and you also volunteer that we all have nothing to worry about because you're not a trouble maker? Why would you volunteer that you're not a trouble maker? I think we would all assume that you're a nice guy and just a regular contributing member just like most everyone else in this forum. For a guy that thinks that Newsradio is "noise" it's hard to believe that you've mentioned him in 100% of your (2) posts in Android Forums so far, which were both posted today.

I like laughing at idiots, and I found him entertaining. You can think I'm him all you want, it really doesn't bother me. And I brought up the "not a trouble maker" in my introduction thread because, well, I was introducing myself and just wanted to say I know how to behave myself. Not trying to rub any raw wounds. If you want the mods to check me out, or they want to, feel free, I have nothing to hide. I don't work in the industry (I work at Intel in Oregon), and I'm here to learn about the new Android OS phones that are coming up, I have no "contacts", and won't be coming in here with insider info.

Anyways, back to the original topic.... It's true, they haven't said we won't get the Desire in the States, and my thought that it might have something to do with a deal with Google wasn't meant to say that we WON'T get it here, but if we do get it, it will probably be later. It's not unheard of for companies to do this kind of things. And since Google had HTC build the N1, I can see them not wanting HTC to make their own phone that would be a direct competitor. All I can say is I'm glad my iPhone contract doesn't run out until Summer 2011, that should be enough time for Android phones to get a solid foothold and work out a lot of this stuff. Of course, there is always something new coming up around the corner, but there will be a much bigger selection of knowns by then!
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