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Well when you objectively look at the situation..

Giving money to anyone is really "unfair" as a whole. Your rewarding failure.

With that said, I do understand some people are in bad situations and either made mistakes.. or they just never had the opportunity that other people had.

I am not against helping out people who want to do better in life. I am against helping people who only want a free hand out.. and it isn't always so easy to tell the two apart..

The problem with all of these ideologies is that they take from tax payers who are earning money.. and they are giving the money to either

A. companies that are failing.. Which screws up our whole economy because businesses are rewarded for failing.

B. People who may or may not be trying to do something with their lives.

Also.. I believe we need to do something about our college system.. What other business is drilled into your head from age 5 in kindergarden?

I believe college is a great thing.. I've learned a lot from it.. Hell more than you can put down on a piece of paper that I may not get (degree.)

A lot of the degrees however, are out right pointless.. Sure it is nice to have the paper so a company can hire you.. but, you don't walk out any better because of it..

EX: general studies degrees..
Or my favorite.. "business management"..
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