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I live in Texas and the statistic is pretty much a sham. While lower cost of living is more attractive for companies to move here and hire, it's mostly because then they can offer lower wages. It's like we're the last stop before an outsource to India. To give you an idea I was contacted by a few companies this past year (what I get for not deleting my profile in Careerbuilder). One company wanted me to work shift work (open to all hours of the day across all shifts). They didn't offer a shift differential and were paying $10 an hour for helpdesk support. I politely told the recruiter that I couldn't afford to pay my bills and maintain that job. The next recruiter that contacted me was offering a little more, $12.00 per hour, and the requirements were only a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science AND you had to speak fluent Japanese. I'm not sure what the recruiters for this position were thinking, if you had to take out a loan to pay for a 4 year degree, how do they figure a $25,000 a year salary is going to allow you to pay your housing, transportation, AND any student loans.

As bad as we rank in Texas in Education and Healthcare, I'm not sure celebrating that we have created more jobs (many of them low paying jobs) is anything to applaud.

Under Perry, Texas leads in job growth, though many are low-wage | Perry Watch - News for Dallas, Texas - The Dallas Morning News

And another reason we've created jobs in Texas is due to all the drilling of natural gas and oil, which with the loosened regulations, we're seeing an increase in earthquakes in areas that have NEVER seen earthquakes in the past, and we're seeing people near those drilling areas experiencing....well here this does a better job of explaining....

And the tea baggers want LESS regulation. I guess they want EXPLODING tap water....
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