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Originally Posted by MxChino View Post
So I rented a Razr for a few days and took it back this past week in anticipation for the Galaxy Nexus.

I've been on the phone with Verizon the past 3 days trying to get my upgrade eligibility back. Apparently since they no longer offer yearly upgrades once you use it, they can't just put it back into the system, and a manager approval upgrade will not work on 4g phones.

So I finally got a rep to make notations on my account to allow me to upgrade to the Nexus. How reliable are these notes, and can I call the local store and have them verify they are on there? I returned the phone early before the 14 days so I wouldn't have any problems upgrading to the nexus and having to fight with them about the holiday return. I can't even imagine what people are going to go through trying to get them to return a phone past the 14 days.
I had the exact same thing happen to me with the Bionic I bought upon its launch. They are correct they cannot re-add your upgrade back into the computer system, however, the note on your account is golden. Your good, but what I would do is double check and talk to CS and make sure your account is noted. You might have to do some "splainin" in the store, if that's where you go to get your new phone, but it shouldn't be an issue. Be prepared though and have your scenario laid out before you go.
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