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(EM edit for Steven - embedded picture attempted, may require cookie to view - if shows as borked link, please let me know)

Hi, I'm sorry. This is my second attempt at a report. The first one was from a Samsung Chrome Book and I lost all the info.

Well, I can't tell you how grateful I am to be here and to have felt and held both the GSM and the LTE Vzw branded versions of the Gnex. I started this thread three and a half months ago and thanks to God, I get to be the first to hold this phone. Also thanks to Raider for PM'ing me that the phone was in NYC.

The phone is every bit amazing as it was cracked up to be. It's not that much bigger than my Droid X, but it feels lighter and easier to weild. IMO, the Razr has a certain unweildiness to the feel that the Gnex does not.

The screen is beautiful. I watched a few youtubes and they stretched out to cover up the on screen buttons. (Note to Phases.. please tell him about this report: the on screen buttons are the same on the VZ branded phone as they are on the GSM. White. There was a grayish look in the VZ photo. It's not accurate. )

The thing is fast and pops. I took a picture of the samsung galaxy nexus sign over and over again.. POP POP POP! No delay. I can't upload that to you because the phones were not operating on a network, just on wifi.

I do have a picture of me with the gnex that I will upload later. My DX is low on power. Sorry.

Yeah, I did get emotional holding the thing. What a relief. It does not feeeeeel like a big phone and whereas it is plastic, it does not have the cheap-y feel to it. I love the grid on the back. It gives a good grippy feeling.

The screen. Oh my the screen. I have to be the first to say it. When you are watching a video, it really looks like a small tablet that you are watching. The clarity, the colors. Oh my.

The resolution is crystal clear. I didn't need my reading glasses to see the smaller font. Beautiful.

I'm with my friend in NYC, and am being rude writing this, so I should go.. Please leave me a list of questions you might have and I'll try to answer it late tonight or tomorrow. My phone is out of power now, so I'm not going to be able to communicate much more until I get to a computer.

Early, Please tell the writers of this post and also update the OP to point to this post with an explanation that I have held the phone and have some words about it. TIA.

Make me a list and I'll get to it asap. YAAAAAY!!!!!

Ooooooh my. What a phone. I did get a lump in my throat and choked up when I held it. This IS my next phone. Definitely. No reservations. Nupe. Nuh uh.


Your humble servant,

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