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This phone is awful. I have had it for three months and it has had nearly every problem possible. Even though I have a 4GB card with only .5GB of it used, Memory is always "not sufficient" so I am constantly having to reset, delete or stop running applications. I only have about 10 applications on the phone (all saved to the card) but rarely use them due to INTERNAL memory running out so quickly. At one point I took it to Best Buy where they did a factory reset. I was told it was the Facebook application, that it would not stop trying to sync data which was causing the memory problem. Still two weeks later, the phone was out of memory.

Also, this is my first android but I can tell you the battery life in my opinion is downright ridiculous. If you have any application on the phone running, the battery will die within 3 to 4 hours. If you are not using any apps it will run as a phone for generic use for maybe 10 hours. What's worse, they don't even sell compatible batteries to keep on hand.

Other problems include:

1. Not receiving multi-media messages (what should be a pretty basic function)
2. Friends/contacts info not syncing, having to load them manually
3. Screen continually scrolling to the top in the middle of typing a text
4. Inability to save large texts
5. Visual preferences not working
6. 20 useless pre-loaded applications (some of them with duplicate capabilities (2 music apps, maps apps, places apps, twitter apps)) with the inability to delete them.
7. Facebook has you signed in 24/7, no ability to sign out which results in chat requests from friends at all hours
8. Newly added contacts not being saved


1. Tactile keyboard
2. Contact pictures and phone numbers (when properly synced) are very useful/nice.
3. Pre-loaded Maps application is very efficient and helpful.
4. Camera quality is excellent
5. Visually very appealing

All in all, DO NOT BUY THIS PHONE. It is worse than a phone without app abilities.
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