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Device - Motorola Xoom (model MZ601)
Android version - 3.1
Network - Wifi + 3G (though no SIM card used at the moment)
Skype version installed -

Hi Guys,

As some have mentioned on this forum, I'm having similar problems with the video on Skype with my Xoom. When I attempt to make a video call the camera starts (I can see myself on the screen) while the connection is established and rings, but the screen goes blank whenever the other party picks up the call. The other party does not have the blue 'video' button available to start their video. On the Xoom side, pressing the video button during the call does nothing, unless pressed quite a few times in a row, following which sometimes a pop-up appears to select front or back camera (neither of which does anything, but this would indicate that the video mode is "on"...?).

I have re-started the device, and uninstalled/re-installed Skype, but no luck. I am doing tests by calling my wife's account on our laptop from my Xoom. Laptop has Skype version installed on WinXP SP3 (never had any issue video calling other computers from it in the past).

Another thing is that the GTalk app on the Xoom works flawlessly with video, so it's definitely not a hardware issue. I'm thinking it might perhaps be worth updating to Android v3.2, or perhaps try installing an earlier version of Skype on the Xoom.

Of course, I have enabled video calling in the Skype settings, and even though GTalk works, this is not really a solution as all my family/friends contacts are on Skype...

Any help or any other idea would be most welcome. People have indicated on this forum that they've been able to get video calls to work with Skype on Xoom (rdesbris2, Boone450r, rexster314, ...). What versions of Skype and Android were you using exactly?

Thanks for the help!
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