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Hi everyone, I've been keeping up with this thread on my iPad, but I've mostly refrained from posting (too lazy to type without a physical keyboard). I am nearly 100% sold on getting the VZW Nexus over the iPhone 4S. I jumped the gun and bought a Droid Bionic earlier this year, which replaced my iPhone 4. Love LTE, but not entirely satisfied with the Bionic. I have quite a bit of experience with both iOS and Android, so I typically jump back and forth fairly often.

My main concerns about the Nexus are mainly those that have been brought up before, but I also realize that everything's a compromise of sorts:

1) The "Nexus" experience. I'm at the point where I'm really only interested in stock Android phones from now on. I'm tired of the skins, the delayed updates, and the bloatware that takes too much time and effort to fully remove. However, I too am concerned whether we'll truly get the "Nexus" experience from this phone. Because of Verizon's branding, Verizon's apps, and the highly publicized delays, I'm very concerned about the future for this phone. Our version is obviously not going to be the development phone, and one has to wonder how long it'll take to build an update for our phone after the GSM version gets an update? I think it's reasonable to assume that all updates will have to go through Verizon, and we know how long Verizon's testing process takes. Hopefully, since they only have a couple of their apps on the phone, the LTE version will get updates shortly after the GSM version, but I'm skeptical.

2) Camera. The iPhone 4 camera was good. The Bionic's camera is truly horrendous: the sensor produces subpar photos, and the camera interface is slow, laggy, and cumbersome to use. Moving to the Nexus would be a leap forward in user interface, but likely a step backward from my previous iPhone 4 (and certainly not as good as the iPhone 4S's sensor). I use the camera on my phone often enough that this is a concern, but probably not a deal-breaker. Admittedly, most of the photos I take are uploaded to Facebook or Foursquare anyway, so superb photo quality is not always a requirement. I really like the idea of a fast and responsive camera interface, though. I wonder how much my Bionic would improve when it's updated to ICS (which admittedly may be well into next year before I'd see it)?

3) Battery Life. Again, my iPhone 4 had very good battery life. I have heard of some battery issues on the 4S, but overall it's probably considerably better than most 4G LTE phones. I'm sporting the extended battery on my Bionic and it has done me well: I typically get about 10 hours of heavy use (about an hour's worth of Hotspot use as well as Bluetooth audio streaming off and on) and well over 18 hours of light use (mostly in my pocket with some occasional browsing or calls). This battery, however, is 2760mAh compared to the 1850mAh battery on the LTE Nexus (if I remember right?). So unless they make an extended battery available for the Nexus, I would be significantly downgrading my battery life by switching to the Nexus.

Those are my main concerns... My knee-jerk reaction is that I should probably just keep my Bionic, but there are several things that have really drawn me to it:

1) The "Nexus" experience. Despite my concerns over Verizon's interference, in all likelihood we'll still get updates faster than most other phones, and the phone should remain fairly bloatware-free. As I said earlier, I really feel strongly about only having pure Android OS phones from now on. So this reason alone almost seems worth of an upgrade from ANY skinned Android phone, no?

2) The 720p Screen. Despite it being a "pentile" display, by all accounts it seems to be a superb screen. My Bionic is also a pentile display and most of the time it doesn't bother me. But being lower resolution, it's definitely not as crisp as the iPhone's Retina display. And I definitely can see the pentile artifacts, depending on the application. I've never had a Samsung phone before either, so I'm intrigued by the AMOLED characteristics that make blacks better and improved contrast/color.

3) ICS. Obviously, the lure of Ice Cream Sandwich is one of the main factors as well. I know my Bionic will eventually get an ICS update, but knowing Motorola and Verizon, it won't be until well into next year. And even then, the initial release will likely be buggy and still full of bloatware. Being able to upgrade to ICS now and know that it will be a pure Android phone is a great benefit.

So yeah, I'm pretty much convinced to go with the Nexus, so I apologize for my "thinking out loud". As a previous iPhone user, I admit I was pretty attracted to the 4S as well - especially Siri and the camera. However, the lack of LTE is really a deal-breaker for me: I honestly never want to go back to 3G again. And LTE coverage is very good in my area. And I'm still under the grandfathered unlimited plan. So yeah, it looks like the Nexus will be my next phone (at least until an LTE iPhone is available, lol).
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