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Default OH CRAP I SCREWED MY PHONE UP!!! recovery guide.

EDIT: Due to a couple of instances of people being bricked using this guide, either by a failed odin connection, or by inadvertently unplugging themselves too soon, I am editing the step 6 "6. make sure repartition, autoreboot, and f.reset are all checked." to "Make sure repartition is UNCHECKED and autoreboot and f.reset are checked." The flash will still work without repartitioning, and I'm hoping that not repartitioning will prevent the bricks.
If you attempt this without repartition checked, and it does not work, then flash with it checked.
Thank you.

Good evening (somewhere) ladies and gentlemen. In this guide, I'm going to give you 3 step recovery from any situation you run into with this phone. At least, as long as you have a functional usb cable, odin, and download mode. If you don't have these things, buy one, download it, and please tell me how the hell you managed to brick your phone hard enough to erase download mode from the flash drive.

To begin.
first off, the files I'm going to reference here are for STOCK Froyo. build EC07. This is what Samsung made, but was never released by Verizon. Bloatware, and all. If you are still stock, and your phone screwed up on you, take it back to the store and threaten bodily harm. This guide IS NOT FOR YOU. If you are rooted, and you managed to brick yourself (don't feel bad, I do it about once a month. Crap happens.) Then this guide is for you.

Also, once you do this, you will no longer be rooted. You will have to flash cwm kernel once again, then a rom. We'll go over that at the end.

Oh, yeah. I ain't responsible for what you do to the thing. But, it'll work.

OK. Let's go.

First, some links
Samsung drivers. Use these only, please. Generic Galaxy S drivers have a nasty habit of not working.
ODIN. You should have it, if you've rooted using my guide... if not, there it is
This is the stock froyo file (as the name indicates) it is unzipped and ready to flash. Don't do anything to it.
The PIT file that goes with this rom. Don't just pick one up off the street. Use this one.

OK. Now, the what to do section

1. Make sure the samsung drivers are installed. following the steps given by the installer pack
2. unzip the odin file to your desktop, then open the program
3. put your phone into download mode by removing the battery, and holding down the volume down button while plugging it into your computer's usb port.
Make sure you have a 'com' and a couple of numbers in the small box in ODIN, just under a larger box in the upper left. Also, wait a few seconds, if you just installed your samsung drivers. It's detecting and doing final install on them. You'll know its done when you get the little pop up on your notifications telling you the drivers were successfully installed.
4. click the PDA button in ODIN and choose the SCH-I400-EC07-FROYO-REL-PRODUCTION.tar.md5 and click OK.
5. click the PIT button and choose Samsung_I500_VZW_PIT.pit
6. make sure repartition is UNCHECKED, and autoreboot, and f.reset are both checked.
7. click start.
8. get a drink. This will take about 5 minutes to get done.
9. wait until you get "RQT closed" and "Removed" in the dialogue box to the left, along with "pass 1/fail 0" and "PASS" and "RESET" in the box in the upper left. Your phone will also reboot on it's own. Don't worry, it's not posessed.

That's it. You are back up. Let the phone boot, and set it up again.

Hopefully, you have already downloaded and backed up with Titanium backup, before all this happened. If not, have fun with that.

Also, If you have a known good nandroid, and it's EC07, you can flash back to that.

If not, and you want to get back to a deodexed, debloated rom, do the following

1. after you get your phone set back up, shut it down, and boot back into download. it doesn't matter if you battery is in or out on this one.
2. hit reset on ODIN, then click PDA and find cwm_adrynalyne_test4.tar, wherever you stashed it.
3. plug your phone in, and make sure that repartition and autoreboot are UNCHECKED
4. click start.
5. after you get the same RQT closed and pass 1/fail 0, along with reset, unplug and boot into recovery by holding vol up down and power until samsung comes on the screen.
6. get into cwm and flash the deodexed rom
7. wipe your dalvik, and reboot.

Hope this helps. Post any questions/concerns BEFORE you do anything.
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