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Alright. Most the poll heads toward "allow OT in some way or another". Most are for allowing it completely, followed by hiding way OT stuff but allowing partially on topic, and that is followed by allowing it with just an OT disclaimer.

On the other hand, as pointed it that poll is probably most likely to be visited by registered users that are hanging around to chat.

With all that mind (and seeings how launch day is supposed to be this week anyway) let's split the difference and for the remainder of the thread let's simply make a best effort to:

* Mark OT content however you best see fit - at the end of your post. That is, if you have on AND off topic to discuss, discuss the on topic first then either go with the bold OFF TOPIC: disclaimer or hide tags.

Obviously if it is way off topic, football and Star Wars, your best effort needs to be to mark it one way or the other. If it is something like, say - talking about Verizon's voice plan - do whatever you think is best, no worries either way.

At any rate I thank everyone for their input and understanding considering the spot we are in. We're doing our best to mold these types of threads to what is best for the community and will use this feedback going forward.

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