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Originally Posted by Prey521 View Post
Here are the apps that I have always running. The one that I suspect may be keeping the phone from going into deep sleep is Lookout Mobile or Touchdown/Airwatch. All of the non system apps are must haves so I guess I'll never get into that Deep Sleep mode! :-(

My Running Apps
-Google Voice
-Battery Defender
-Sense Analog Small Clock
-Lookout Mobile
-Go Launcher EX
-Go Contacts EX
-AirWatch Agent
-SwiftKey X

Running System Apps
-DSP Manager
-Google Services

My battery has dropped 15% in the 40 minutes that I've had it off the charger. Only using it to uninstall a couple of apps and perform these tests. I'm running the latest OC kernel/Conservative Governer/122mz - 1.5ghz. I suspect that it's Lookout chewing up my battery due to the nature of the app.
Facebook will probably cause some issues with that as well.
Personally I find Lookout and other anti-virus apps a waste, but you are free to have your own opinion about that. They tend to be resource hogs as well (I don't know specifically about the one you had listed).
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