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Originally Posted by The_Chief View Post
I'm still deliberating whether or not to unlock the bootloader when I get my Nexus... and I think I've decided not to.

Let's face it: rooting is for tinkerers. It's very versatile and it's a LOT of fun! But it's also a lot of work. After 2 years of rooting & ROMming my Droid, I think I'm going to take a one-phone vacation from it and just be a blissful USER.

Besides: I'll likely have Nexus for a year at the most. Then I'll pass it down and use daughter's upgrade to buy a quad or whatever next year's new shiny is.

What about you?
Will definitely be rooting. I've had my OG Droid for a year and a half and never rooted, was only really aware of the possibility as of a few months ago. Especially since the Nexus is a developer phone, I'm really looking forward to unlocking all the capabilities.
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