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So far so good here. I'm coming off a Vivid that I had for 29 days and would say the following (given I'm a heavy email/text/social media/contacts/web pages kind of guy vs. a gamer/video watcher):
1. Screen is as good as what all the reviewers say; appears to have a slight Samsung-like blueish tint at lower brightness levels but side by side with the Vivid, on text (which I care a ton about), you could see the clarity difference
2. GPS is spot on/more accurate at first hit
3. Ability to remove bloat-ware is good/works
4. Encountering some of the lag between apps and navigating across home screens
5. Encountering some of the "have to hit the screen multiple times to get it to do something" that a few of the reviewers have commented on
6. No call or wifi connectivity issues and in fact, have held a voice signal a bit better in some "low spots" vs. the Vivid and iPhone 4 (previous phone to Vivid)
7. Rear speakerphone is good, and consistently easier to hear than the Vivid (especially on the Vivid when I listed to voice mails; I had to pursue loading a 3rd party app to try to fix this on the such need here)
8. My wife says I sound a bit less "tinny" on the Nitro than I did on the Vivid
9. Switched out the stock browser to get rid of that static toolbar for Dolphin HD
10. Not sure if this is an LG overlay vs. HTC Sense issue, but the Mail app "Combined Inbox" on the LG won't pick up new email when I have all of my accounts set to "Manual", and there's no "Refresh" option provided to manually refresh (but the "Refresh" option is available on the individual mail boxes)

Only had the phone 36 hours but so far I'm not regretting turning in the Vivid, even with the few quirks as I'm optimistic they can be sorted. Full disclosore: I'm an Android noob having broken free from the iHype 31 days back after 4 years and 3 iPhones.
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