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1. I stopped anticipating the launch dates given from "sources" as no official word has been given from Verizon.

2. I am not surprised that a rumored date is delayed.

3. Can't blame Verizon for a delay when no release from Verizon to the public has been given.

I am wanting this phone as much as any of you. I am checking Pulse all day every 20 or 30 minutes for any updated news. Everytime my email "Droid" sound goes off on my phone I think "I hope this is an announcement from one of three email subscriptions I signed up for (Verizon sign up page, Google sign up page, and Samsung sign up page) informing me of launch date and pre order info".

The first "delay" from Verizon, probably to do with the volume bug. This one might have something to do with the other statment on this forum about overheating due to new hardware (not sure if I buy this, don't care), who knows, wont change the fact of a "delay".

My point about Verizon "delaying" is that perhaps they want to ensure that us, their customers, have a near as posible flawless (with the device, not the launch) experience with the Nexus. I can't blame a for profit business taking precautions to ensure that what they sale does not leave buyers remorse and a potentional of returns and a loss in profits. They will have new customers coming from other carriers, I am sure they want to give their existing customers and their new customers the highest quality of customer service as posible. I doubt the CEO and powers-to-be are sitting in an ivory tower gloating at how much fun it is to pee on our parade.

This is my next phone. I have been holding out for months for something with these specs, there is nothing else I want that Verizon has. My rooted Incredible, with ICS theme CM7 , is fantastic and will serve me well until I own my Nexus.

Yes, I know it sucks to not have this phone, no word from Verizon, and frequent delays. I wish you all the best from now until our Nexus day. And when that day comes (someone else said they are doing this at their place of employeement) I am buying a few boxes of ice cream sandwiches and giving to my employees and customers to help me celebrate!
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