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Originally Posted by NecoD View Post
That's really part of the problem. They don't make timely announcements for their launches. A good company would let their customers know early and often and people would have less of a negative reaction if a timely statement was made with the cause of the delay.
Not to play devils advocate, but in the interest of fairness, they'd draw far more heat from customers if they spent the money and time building hype by giving early notifications, if they then couldn't deliver. And while we would love to be informed as to why some delays exist, from what I've seen, it doesn't really change anything; people still tend to be irrational and impatient, while everything is lumped under the "excuse" umbrella (provided they even understand any of the technical reasons).

This method isn't perfect, but at least when they finally announce the device release, most consumers (casual ones who were oblivious to any of this speculation), will be able to walk into a store and get one. Provided it's as bug free as possible, it means you will have a greater chance of retaining those customers and much of your reputation.

Of course, there is also the reality that you won't please everyone. Such is life.
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