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Here is what's going on at Verizon, yesterday they sent out updated Equipment guide with a date and a price for the Nexus, I was informed from my son who works tech support that employees are not supposed to give any details or even talk about a device unless it shows in the equipment guide with both a release date and price...the two things included in yesterdays release. That brought on an onslaught of Verizon Retail employees calling potential customers making appointments, the press is talking this release date of Dec. 9th up and you can feel the excitement in the air.

Last night Verizon executives get wind of what was happening with their Retail employees and how the media had gotten wind of the Dec. 9th launch date and was basically calling it official....remember Verizon wants this to go as a soft launch and this thing blew up in their face, so how do you stop the media...their employees and how do they make more friends? They change the equipment guide and remove the release date thus closing the door on the employees being able to talk about the puts out the "Coming soon" and the media jumps on that killing two birds with one stone!

As my son said, Verizon jumped the gun and included to much information on the original equipment guide and once they realized the employees were allowed to act and talk as they did because of the information provided by there own executives they had no choice but remove the release date.

My son did see the new equipment guide today and it does say "Coming Soon" but he believes that it will still be released on Friday Dec. 9th...remember Verizon has already shipped the product to retail stores and reseller stores so it is happening and soon so everyone just chill!
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