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Originally Posted by Thefoodman52 View Post
My phone still goes into random radio lockout mode about 4 times a week regularly. On a whole, I'd say this is a good phone, but it's not the best. If you need a business phone straight out of the box, I'm not sure I can say that this is the best option. I look at this phone as more or less the techy phone that Sprint has to offer at the Moment. (Pun. Ha.)
Nice originality on the pun.

I assume you're speaking of the airplane mode bug as your radio lockout problem should definetely be fixed with the 2.1 upgrade.

Even after the update the battery still was kind of shortcoming for me, but with a little help from the android market this can be overcome with NECESSARY apps:

- Task killer (I use Advanced Task Killer for "on the fly" task killing and Task Cleaner Pro to close unwanted tasks when my screen goes to sleep (this helps A LOT with battery life!!)

- setcpu - This app was made for overclocking, but I don't use it for that. I actually use it to UNDERCLOCK my processor when the phone is sleeping so it doesn't eat up as much battery. It works wonders.

- Quick settings - allows me to toggle on or off wifi/gps/bluetooth. I always leave my wifi on since it doesn't use much battery unless its searching for a connection or transmitting data. GPS and bluetooth should always be off unless your using it though since they are mega drainers.

With these things combined and maybe even a custom ROM if you really want optimized battery/speed/performance the moment is a top contender for android phones anywhere. I can't imagine what the 2.1 upgrade will have in store for it.

So like I said, use these tools and you can make it a formidable strictly business phone if need be or a casual web browsing texter.

Oh yeah, the sound quality is top notch as well... better than any other phone I've owned.
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