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Originally Posted by hortstu View Post
I'm sure I'll like MIKG. It's just that there's a few apps that I make use of on a daily basis and I can't risk losing the data, or worse yet, having it and not knowing how to restore it. It's going to take me a few days to make the time to back everything up and be sure I can restore it.

In the meantime here's what I did. After reading the first few pages of the thread that just some dude posted, thank you by the way, I started experimenting.

I used titanium backup to freeze 2 of the 3 apps that were mentioned on the first page. I couldn't find anything in the titanium directory that resembled the 3rd.

So I tried that. Lookout said I still had carrier iq. So then I backed them up and deleted them. Then I lost service. Then I tried restoring the backups which didn't work. Then I panicked. Then I rebooted the device. I had service again. Checked lookout and still had carrier IQ. I tried freezing "htc future dial" because it had the same icon as the other carrier IQ apps but it didn't change the lookout result but hasn't had any detrimental effects that I've noticed yet either so I haven't thawed it. If anyone thinks I need to thaw it please let me know why.

Next step is installing MIKG but that takes prep that I don't have time for yet.

Thanks for all the interest and help.
Edit: Man I'm like Ocn's shadow today, lol!!

Thanks Ocn, I forgot about sms backup or my backup root for texts and call history etc.

This is why we stress nandroid backups!!

No worries, if worse came to worse, we could just boot to recovery, wipe cache and dalvik cache and just flash the rom over. If you don't wipe data all of your stuff would still be there.

Titanium is the best way to keep your stuff, apps etc hands down in my honest opinion. Just back up each app you want to keep prior to wiping, then after your new rom is up and running, download titanium from the market and restore your apps. Easy peezy

Let us know when you're ready, we'll be here to help if you get stuck.
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