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Originally Posted by ocnbrze View Post
just use tb to backup your apps and data. and then use sms backup to backup your texts. and flash away. also do not forget to make a nandroid backup before doing so.
I've had trouble with tb before. For example today I supposedly backed up those IQ apps and then when I tried to restore them tb just told me they were being restored but never finished the process. I had to force quit tb.

THis is from the link posted by "just some dude."

I did "update 1."
UPDATE: there are two files you need to freeze .comHTCIQagent 2.2 and IQRD 2.2
But carrier IQ app said I still had the software so I explained how I supposedly removed them with tb but when I did "update" 2 they were still there...

Then did "update 2"
Update 2 Thanks to Graphics Anomaly!
In case anyone is going to try this, here are the steps again:

1 - Use Root Explorer
2 - Go to "/system/[COLOR=#F8941D ! important][COLOR=#F8941D ! important]app[/COLOR][/COLOR]" and delete (or rename) "IQAgent.[COLOR=#F8941D ! important][COLOR=#F8941D ! important]apk[/COLOR][/COLOR]" & "IQRD.apk"
3 - Go to "/system/bin" and delete (or rename) "iqd" & "iqfd"
4 - Boot into recovery, clear cache and dalvik, and reboot.
5 - Sprint/HTC tracking crap. (:

I haven't done update 3 or 4 yet because I don't quite understand what to do with 3... maybe I'm supposed to create that file and add those lines?

...and I haven't done 4 because I haven't motivated enough to feel like typing all that.

UPDATE 3 Thanks to Bacidath for the original tip and Graphics Anomaly for confirming!


UPDATE 4 run this script in terminal
rm /system/lib/
rm /system/lib/
rm /system/lib/
rm /system/etc/
rm /system/bin/iqfd
rm /system/bin/iqd
rm /system/app/IQRD.apk
rm /system/app/HtcIQAgent.apk
rm /system/app/IQRD.odex
rm /system/app/HtcIQAgent.odex
rm -r /data/data/
rm -r /data/data/

Remove those files to get rid of all IQAgent in the ROM. Graphics has confirmed that there are no issues with removing those files & his Evo is working fine.
Thanks again for all the input...Oh and granite I've been around and posting. I have at least 1 or 2 unresolved threads if you haven't seen them.
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