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Originally Posted by hortstu View Post
I've had trouble with tb before. For example today I supposedly backed up those IQ apps and then when I tried to restore them tb just told me they were being restored but never finished the process. I had to force quit tb.

THis is from the link posted by "just some dude."

I did "update 1."

But carrier IQ app said I still had the software so I explained how I supposedly removed them with tb but when I did "update" 2 they were still there...

Then did "update 2"

I haven't done update 3 or 4 yet because I don't quite understand what to do with 3... maybe I'm supposed to create that file and add those lines?

...and I haven't done 4 because I haven't motivated enough to feel like typing all that.

Thanks again for all the input...Oh and granite I've been around and posting. I have at least 1 or 2 unresolved threads if you haven't seen them.
That all does seem like quite a bit of work... so instead I'd really like to try, like others here, and steer you to upgrade to MikG. If you're really worried about your app data, back those apps up with both titanium and MyBackUp Root just in case (you can always delete the extra backups later), nandroid your current setup, and flash MikG (I'd recommend v3 - read the OP here). I've never had a problem restoring the data from the few apps I want to (a few games and folder organizer) -- just, as I'm sure you know, stay away from restoring system apps and/or system data, and you'll be fine.

Seriously, it will be a lot less headache than trying to go through all that with Mikfroyo... MikG is fast, uber-stable, and Mik dug DEEP to rip as much of that CIQ stuff out as possible. Just go for it.

And then if you just HAVE to have a Sense 1.0 rom, I'd definitely recommend Tommy's Classic v0.0.5 b3 (again, UBER-stable).

I just re-read your post, and see I missed one of your concerns with TB -- I see you were having trouble restoring the IQ apps. Not sure why you wanted to restore them, but they are system data, which I would think could cause more problems than just downloaded apps.
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