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Originally Posted by Khatmandu View Post
As one of the offenders, sorry guilty as charged.. however, please take the time to read the first post in the thread. This is a bit of a lounge-type thread where off topic stuff is allowed. Like you, some have had issues with it at times.. however it can be used as a bit of a measuring stick. If you're seeing a slew of off topic posts, there is likely no new info. Trust me, we'd all be atwitter about it if there was. Also, the most recent info tends to be in the first post. Steven and the other mods keep it pretty much up to date with rumors, leaks and pics.

And honestly, IMO, the off topicness here and there is part of the thread's charm and has contributed greatly to the sense of community here. I've commended them privately before, but Steven, Early and OTD have done an amazing job of keeping us relatively on track and civil (though some of that has to do with the wonderful folks posting here as well) without throwing the mod powers around willy-nilly like I've seen on some boards. They deserve a lot for helping to forge this community into what it is today. This isn't really a thread, it's a conversation among friends and that's quite frankly just awesome. I'd not go anywhere else for news without bringing it back here to my Gnex family because this place is like home, and the only thing I thank Verizon for with the delays is letting me spend just a bit longer with the great folks here.

...but since you're new here I'll refrain from the off topic stuff for a bit to raise the signal-to-noise ratio on GNex news since I've got nothing today.
^^^^^This. Well said!
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