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So, everything I've found about running ADB on Mac has been over a year old in the threads and assumes you have the full SDK downloaded. I've been assuming that's not needed for these instructions given the mini-adb package replaced that process. Is my assumption correct, or am I making an ASS out of U and ME?

What I did learn is that you need to put './' in front of your commands in the Mac Terminal when running the command from the directory they are in. For instance, "adb devices" would be ./adb devices. Alternatively, you can drag the file from your Finder window and drop it into the Terminal command line so that you don't have to type out the entire path if not on a root directory (handy little trick!). I'm still having an issue with the "adb" command not being found in the directory, so not sure what's up with that...still trying to figure that part out though.

Thought I'd share this info for the few Mac users that have popped up on here. Here's a link I found that was helpful:

Using adb and terminal on a mac
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