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  • Market issues fall into three categories:
  1. Insufficient space -- You can use links2sd, apps2sd, TitaniumBackup's dalvik integration feature (not free, but very good), remove 01mvdalvik and wipe market cache and reboot, or backup seldom used apps and restore them only when needed
  2. Signing errors -- Most often caused by various *2sd scripts not being reverted before flashing the ROM. Can be solved by either following the appropriate *2sd instructions for upgrading a ROM, or flashing gapps each time you flash a new ROM build.
  3. Invalid Package errors -- Most often associated with updates, can be anything from a bad download to an app having been installed on a previous ROM and restored to the current one. Try uninstalling then redownloading and installing the newest version.

  • @nitestalkr:I will look into the font idea, however, it's easier said than done. Resource files such as fonts are compiled into the build, changing them may be harder than just linking to them, especially without a performance hit

  • @Prometheus: I don't like the arrows on the lockscreen rings either. I'll probably revert to the clean ones in the next build. I mean really, what's the point? BTW- they were added by CM, not IHO.

  • @brotherswing: I was blown away by that shot by Cassini. I wish there was a HD video recorder on board with a high framerate. Imagine some of the screen-grabs, the visuals would be awe inspiring. Of course, transmitting would take years, and leave no bandwith for science, so I'm just happy they got lucky with that shot!
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