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Originally Posted by MWFrels View Post
Just when I thought my problem was gone the phone showed me how wrong I was. After overnight charging Thursday into Friday both the battery monitors (icon and the app one I installed showed 100% charge till past lunch time. I of course did not believed it and removed and re-installed the battery. 71%! Expletive, expletive.

I guess it's time to try the .7A charger theory. Any suggestions on which one I should source?

I wish I did, we have a ton of them lying around the house so I have just been using those. Some are HTC branded, others Samsung.

I am not entirely certain the issue is the charger now. It may be the phone. I am continuing to test, but in my testing last night I could not get this to happen again on the new phone.


I used the 1a charger that I suspected to be causing the issue to test my new white skyrocket and I can not get it to do this. The battery meter works every time so far.

I am going to leave it on the charger for a few hours today at 100% and see what happens.
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