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Originally Posted by Rhystatic View Post
You're right and it's all speculation and he can change it to whatever he wants. But you lose credibility and respect every time. He could change it to a thread about cats for all I care, I just come here for Galaxy Nexus Information and Speculation. But that means if you want to be the best and be the front runner (which at the moment we have been and regardless of my opinion's AF will probably maintain) then you should Vet your info a bit more and should post what you know not let emotions run wild and start posting what you hope/want.

It's all rumors. But taking a rumor saying "yup, looks like more rumors/info leaning towards the 15th" and translating that into "THURSDAY IS THE DAY" is a far stretch, especially regarding our knowledge of history on this phone and Verizon Wireless.

I just want the information that comes through AF to be credible and realistic. If that's not the case, then take the forums where you want. I'll just go find a better website or thread that knows how to take their emotions out of it and post the facts so that I can get as much unbiased information about when I can actually expect this phone.
I respect your opinion man but I honestly don't think we will ever have anything more then rumors in here until the actual release. The only way this can be confirmed is if VZW releases some PR which I highly doubt will happen.
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