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If anyone in NJ (or anywhere) wants a good laugh, call the best buy in woodbridge, NJ. I got an incredibly rude rep on the phone and the whole conversation just made me laugh afterwards.

Convo went like this:

Me: Hi I wanted to ask if you had the galaxy nexus?
Rep: The what?
Me: I wanted to know if you know when you will be selling the galaxy nexus for verizon.
Rep: First of all, I can't understand you. Second of all, NOBODY knows when the phone will be available. There was only one sold and it was sold by accident somewhere in Kansas, so you can't get one now.
Me: I never asked you to sell me one today, I just asked if you know when you'll have it.
Rep: I don't know
Me: thanks, bye

I wasn't rude or demanding at any point, I'm just guessing either other people have been asking her all day or just being really demanding regarding a release date. I thought the whole thing was funny because I work with customers everyday and would never act like that no matter how many times I was asked the same question, but I guess some people are just gangsta.

Lol if anyone else calls there let me know how it goes.
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