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Originally Posted by Steven58 View Post

Some of you are going too far lying to to CSR's and trying to cheat your way to extra promos or getting things you shouldn't. If the conversation goes south and morally disintegrates into this type of thing, we will delete such posts and seriously infract such posters. Android Forums, in NO WAY advocates "sticking it to the man" or taking advantage of corporations in any way. If you are eligible for the discount, go for it. If not, pay the extra $100. DON'T CHEAT! If you are going to cheat in any way, then don't talk about it or promote it here.

If I may get personal? When we cheat others, we are really cheating ourselves out of talking moral high ground and out of growth in character. I don't believe $100 is a good price to sell my character for. Neither should you.

Bottom line: Don't do it. If you do, don't talk about it here.

Now, having said that, I want to share MY personal testimony of HOW I GOT THE 100 DOLLAR DISCOUNT! Yup! I did!

To make a long story short, I want to summarize by saying that it turned out that I was talking to a CSR who dabbled in developing. He has a DX2 and described the super cool boot animation he was developing for his phone. He and I hit it off and I invited him here to talk a look around. If you see this and are visiting, I WARMLY WELCOME YOU and want to tell you how much of a joy it was to share that long conversation we had about the phones we love so much!

Firstly, I want to tell you all that I was dead honest with him. I told him who I was. I told him that I started this mega thread (that's when he said he knew AF and would check it out!)

At first he couldn't find the discount by code. Then I told him about the 3g to 4g promotion title. He put me on hold then found it. He told me it is ONLY FOR THE NORTHEAST AND THE MIDWEST which is something we suspected. We suspected it was regional. I'm in the Northeast, so it was a go.

I told him that I did NOT have the mailer but I was hoping for it. I told him that I found out about it here. So, what he did was to put a note in my account for the CSR in the store, about the 100 dollar discount. The only thing is that the phone has to "come out by the 31st" he said. Fine, it's coming out this Thursday, right? RIGHT?

So yeah, he and I became fast friends. We shared stories and had each other laughing. People like this man are why I am a Verizon fanboy. I don't really care what's going on with Nexus politics, but I'll tell you this. Everytime... every.time that I've had an issue or a need with VZW service or needed help, Verizon has ALWAYS come through to help me.

Moral of the story: Take the high ground. I didn't cheat. I was open and honest about this promotion. I got it. I even told him about you wonderful people who chipped in toward the purchase of a Nexus for me. (I'm still choked up by that... I have no words... thank you. thank you.) I got the discount and I have your gift. I'll be getting a Nexus with some nice accessories. Can anyone say "Dock?"

I live in the SF/Bay Area, and my phone convo was legit as can be. He searched for it, didn't say the promo was only for the midwest and quickly added a note to my account saying I was eligible. I in no way deceived him, and was very courteous to him. I say thats a legit way of having a note be put on my account.
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