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So I've been following this thread for quite some time...looooooong time lurker, first time posting. Was admittedly too lazy to post, but after seeing the $100 discount tip, and successfully getting it to work (I guess we'll just wait and see if it actually does work), I figured I should post my thanks to you guys and gals on here. So thanks to all that posted it. For those that didn't get the $100, I started with a chat online (asked the rep to note my account) and followed it up with a call. Of course, the phone rep said she didn't see any notes from the chat rep, but luckily I took a screenshot of the chat box (HIGHLY RECOMMENDED) I can't post an image of the chat, since it has my personal info in it. Here's a quick cut n paste though:

Toya : Hello. Thank you for visiting our chat service. May I help you with your order today?
You: yes, I saw someone that received flyer in the mail for $100 off a 4G smartphone
You: can you tell me if i'm eligible?
Toya : I will be glad to assist you with the upgrade
Toya : Yes you do have 1 line ready for an upgrade.
You: yes it should be for the droid incredible
You: so if i upgrade to a 4g phone, it will be $100 off?
Toya : Did the promo flyer come with a code?
You: yes i think it was CH4GE
Toya : Okay you would have to contact customer care so that they can enter in the promo code would you like the number?
You: yes that is a valid code?
Toya : Yes it is.
You: ok thank you
Toya : Your very welcome.
You: is there any way you can make a note on my account? It's just that i've been told different things by different representatives before, especially at a verizon store
You: I just want to make sure that the discount will be applied when i buy a phone
Toya : Sure.
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