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Originally Posted by Bamsmom View Post
Ok this is how I am looking at this...a woman's point of view...

For the last 2+ months I have been cruising this forum looking for any scrap of news that this phone is going to release soon INSTEAD of what I'm usually doing...

Which is cruising the Internet looking for new pairs of shoes to adopt into a loving home.

VERIZON PLEASE! Do you really want to leave another innocent pair of shoes homeless for the holidays??????

Oh the humanity!!!!
This is right on so many levels!

We even have a Lounge thread to emphasize the importance of the concept -

Post your shoes! :D

Here's a snap of mine from that very thread -

A dad of a friend of mine was talking about all of the things he was still pursuing 20 years after retirement. I loved this guy! When I asked him what possessed to grab a new Harley as his age, he had this to say -

You only walk through life once - so wear the Big Shoes!

I offer this in his memory to all of you who are about to be high-steppin with your new Nexus!
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