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Originally Posted by RoboMonkey View Post
how is the ip4s better than the EVO?
There is only one thing about the iphone that makes me insanely jealous. The quality of the photos that it takes compared to the evo. If I was smarter and more motivated I'd mod an iphone camera into an evo.

Originally Posted by SatelliteGuy View Post
EVO all the way! Or at least Android... iPhone just ticks me off on so many levels.

1. I despise iTunes. It wants to take over, phone, life.
2. It's absolutely rediculous that the iPhone cannot be used as a mass storage device.
(Sure, it CAN be. If, once again, you use iTunes to access it)
3. It's a flat out scam by Apple to not give you any way to expand the storage in this
day and age of super cheap memory.
YES! YES! AND YES! This is one of the major reasons I refuse to get an Ipad. That and apple is a major polluter in China and then all the trade BS too. Yeah I know HTC is probably almost as bad.

5. No WiFi tethering. Not even with a fee.

6. Only apps Apple approves of. Except for providers locking them down, like ATT, I
can load far more variety of apps before having to hack the phone.
Device = Evo4G > Samsung G4
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