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It's time for me to bid this thread goodbye. I have mixed feelings about it. On one hand it has become a part of my life, yet I feel it's a part that has run its course and needs to end.

My first post on this thread was in the second page, August 28th. Having been a member of this site since 7/10, I never expected it to run as long or as deep as it has.

Since 8/28, there have been three holidays, I've had a birthday and my house got flooded. When I think of how long ago the flooding and cleanup occurred, it puts this thread into temporal perspective.

This thread has shown all the best and worst which people do to one another. I've seen anger, hatred, trolling, spite, depression, sadness and outright lies. I've also seen compassion, caring, friendship, support, joy, understanding and closeness. As a student of human behavior, it's been interesting to watch.

I don't think it's right to single anyone out in any way so I say "thank you" to all who have contributed. Some of the best posts came from people who posted seldom, so if you think you didn't contribute that much, you may have contributed more than you realize.

I tried to give back through humor and reason though sometimes I failed on both counts. All I can say is I tried.

I'm leaving for the store in an hour, I'll see you in other threads.


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