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Happy Perform factory data reset

I just had this problem myself with SAMSUNG ADMIRE and tried almost everything suggested online to no avail (clean miniUSB port, take out battery etc, etc). Only had Admire for barely two months. Anyway, problem started suddenly and went on for several days- constantly beeping and saying it was charging when not plugged in. Called Samsung and they said before exchanging the phone to perform a FACTORY DATA RESET. Said it may or may not work depending on what caused your problem. This will reset phone to the original settings when you got the phone. You will need to reload all applications you initially loaded when you got the phone. THIS TOTALLY HAS CLEARED UP MY PROBLEM! Phone is great now. Here’s what I THINK happened with me: I was totally paranoid about letting my phone charge down and was constantly charging my phone – at home, in the car to and from work; and at work! Crazy. Also, I was using 2 other chargers that DIDN’T come with my phone. Suggest only using the Charger that comes with your phone. This is just my guess after discussing with Samsung. Samsung tech was great by the way.
Here’s instructions for ADMIRE - they/menus may differ for your Replenish but I don't know:
1. Remove SD card first. To do this: Be at your main screen. Press MENU key (bottom left key); hit SETTINGS, then STORAGE, then UNMOUNT SD CARD, then OK. Remove your SD card (open the access “door” on bottom left side of phone (says MICRO on it) – to remove card push it IN and it will pop OUT! J)
2. Make sure you have your CONTACTS backed up (like into Yahoo or Gmail where you can sync them back later). Make sure you back up whatever else you need. Didn’t have a lot on my phone, but I WROTE DOWN APPS AND PHONE SETTINGS: wanted to remember to set back the way I had them. It will be important for you to remember to after the reset to reload an ANTIVIRUS app and a TASK KILLER app!
3. Perform Factory Data Reset: press MENU key, then SETTINGS; PRIVACY; FACTORY DATA RESET. I think it then says “are you sure” – answer yes and follow any prompts. Didn’t take that long. Phone will do its thing resetting.
4. Once your phone is back on – remount SD CARD. Follow instructions as in #1 above, except it will now say to MOUNT SD CARD or something like that.
5. Remember to reload an ANTIVIRUS app and a TASK KILLER app, any other apps; to resync your Contacts and reset your phone settings to the way you prefer. I was told if you purchased apps they will still be available for you to reload – didn’t have any bought apps myself so can’t confirm.
I sure hopes this helps at least someone, because I thought I was going to lose my mind there for several days! I’m happy I tried this before going through all the trouble of returning/exchanging my phone. Good luck!
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