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Originally Posted by irishjoeyo View Post
Hype? LOL. It's a fact, not an opinion. And contrary to your assumption, I do understand the the MP vs. sensor size issue. But simply because 5MP maxes out the sensor on the GNex's camera doesn't mean that 8MP on an appropriate-sized sensor wouldn't take better pictures in a well-lit area - it is likely that it would. Do you think that, in a well-lit environment, the GNex's camera would still take a better picture than the 8MP camera on my HTC Incredible?
Well, if you understand that, what makes you think 8MP sensor will take better low light pictures than 5MP sensor? Assuming lens spec is similar (this is big assumption), 5MP sensor will take better picture because signal to noise ratio is better due to large pixel receiving more light.

I can't answer Dinc vs Gnex question because there are other factors involved like lens, firmware. But if Gnex had 8MP sensor with everything else being the same, 8MP will definitely do worse in low light.
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