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Originally Posted by irishjoeyo View Post
If all you did was exchange the sensor in the GNex's camera for a different sensor that was appropriately sized for 8MP, and you left everything else about the camera the same, then it would take better pictures - at all light levels - than it currently does. Is that not true?
Nope, not remotely. Unless by "better" you mean "viewable larger". All the image resolution dictates is the size of that image at a given dpi. Of far more importance is how well a sensor resolves the detail it receives through the lens, and that's not dependent on number of photo sites (the 'pixels' on a digital sensor) but more on the quality of the sensor. In fact, too many sites packed closely together can actually be detrimental to IQ as you start to run into diffraction and other issues such as chromatic aberration (fringing).
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