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Originally Posted by irishjoeyo View Post
I simply can't get past the sad fact that this phone only has a 5mp camera. I've read a lot of nonsense commentary about that, saying things like "megapixels don't mean anything anymore". The simple fact of the matter is, while the number of megapixels certainly is not the only significant spec in a camera, it is certainly one of the most important specs if not the most important spec. The more pixels, the higher the resolution and hence the higher the quality the image is, plain and simple.
Sorry but you are wrong, 5MP is film quality, anything over is essentially overkill and only useful for blowing up the pictures. The lens/sensor is more important after you hit the 5MP mark, my friends iPhone 4 takes better pictures than the SGSII. From what I can tell so far the Galaxy Nexus image quality rivals the iPhone, you lost some megapixels for the ability to take pictures as fast as you can tap the screen and you can take pictures while recording videos. I love the camera.
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