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Originally Posted by brickberry View Post
Hi. Agree with MP as only one part of the equation. So let's say it doesn't matter.

Went to VZW today, picked up both the Rezound and the Nexus for some "as is" photos without any setting modifications. Was after dark in a nice softly lit store.

First picture is Rezound (8MP), second is GNex (5MP). If MP doesn't matter, something else certainly does.

Wasn't daylight, could argue would work differently at other times, but I am moving into photography with a new DSLR, so I was careful with the phones as I used them. Interested to see anyone else's comparison photos. I'd have taken the picture from the same spot, but they're all attached to the dang wall!

I suppose you could say the Rez is the better low light camera, no flash BTW, and maybe different outside?
Are those the only two photos you took? I'd play around with that Nexus. I suspect it's set for center-weighted exposure and adjusted for the black display stand smack in the center of your photo. That's not to dismiss the camera -- for Point & Shoot functionality in a camera like this, it should be using an area exposure which would have noticed the blown highlights everywhere else in the shot, and adjusted accordingly. This can be corrected in software, thankfully, but as a user a center weighted exposure means you need to lock on an area of "average" lighting, which, unfortunately, does not play well with an autofocus setup (unless it's fixed focus?). I dunno, just throwing that out there -- pretty hard to say anything definitive based on just one shot in that particular environment.
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