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Originally Posted by charliecc View Post
Wow, didn't need to be quite so rude, I was just interested as to the reason.

With regard to the weather part, yes that could be quite useful if it gave the weather for the next few days, but it gives the weather where you are at that moment. Personally I'd prefer to use my eyes to look out of the window, it's probably more reliable. But as you say, each to their own.
Wasn't being rude at all, just explaining the reason sir. I mean you could take what you were saying "or does everyone have bad eye sight?" as being a rude comment as well. I personally don't feel attacked on the internet though and was just commenting on what you talked about.

Then you say "Personally I'd prefer to use my eyes to look out of the window, it's probably more reliable." which as well can be taken as a rude comment, but I could care less. I like to see the weather, seeing that I work in a retail store that has no windows. Also, when you click on these weather widgets they have a cool little animation of the weather now and do indeed show you the weather for the next 5 days.

So lets hear what you think would look good. I wont mock you like you mock us.
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