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Originally Posted by GreatGoo View Post
Just download the lightflow app. Will solve all your concerns.
Regarding Lightflow, it's a great app but I did run into a deal-breaking problem with it:

If you have Lightflow installed, then ONLY the apps you have enabled in the app will blink the LED. Apps that aren't in the Lightflow app (of if you choose not to use Lightflow for certain apps) will not blink the LED even if they are enabled.

Here are the two specific problems I ran into:

1) Google Voice. I use Google Voice just for Voicemail, but I don't see an option in Lightflow for it. And the regular "Voicemail" control in Lightflow does not work for Google Voice. Now of course Google Voice has it's own setting for LED notification, but if does not work while Lightflow is installed. If I uninstall Lightflow, then the LED will light again for Google Voice.

2) K-9 Mail. Now there IS a setting in Lightflow for K-9 but I don't want to use it because it doesn't appear that you can change the color of the LED for different accounts in Lightflow like you can within the K-9 app itself. But if I turn off the K-9 control in Lightflow, then the LED will not light up when K-9 gets an e-mail (even though it is set to light up in K-9 itself).

In summary, it appears that Lightflow takes complete control of all of your LED notifications even if a certain app is not supported of if you choose not to use Lightflow for certain apps.

Anyone else run into this?
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