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Just a little outsider perspective...

I have a Huawei Ascend and usually hang in that forum section. I'm here researching to mod my friends Prevail.
I know Playful God's reputation well and have used his build religiously. (pardon the pun) So you can take his word on the RM being a good app if used correctly.

I will advise all noob modders to read, Read, READ every thread they can. Then take a nap. Wake up. Eat your Wheaties. THEN READ SOME MORE!

I read every mod thread I could for 3 weeks. I wrote questions in the forums and asked more after I got my answers. When I didnt understand what they said, I asked them to clarify. I made notes. wrote out the steps in order and then did 3 dress rehersal walkthroughs before I ever clicked the first step in the actual process...and guess what?

I STILL screwed up a couple steps.

And I went back and asked more.

To the noobs on here, I did all this with an Ascend. A simple little phone thats damn near unbrickable, and even with all the prep theres still a chance to screw up.


Modding a phone is very complex to a novice and you will find yourself on here writing a "Please Help Me!" thread if you dont take the time to do it right. Most of the people in the androidforums are very cool, patient and answer your questions without making you feel like an idiot for asking. SO ASK!
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