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Originally Posted by jayochs View Post
I posted this on XDA right now because I just ran into this error, but here's my entire post, with the fix included, for anyone who when they just reset their phone, it began to bootloop (or load up to sense for 1 second, then reset itself every single time with the battery cover on):

i had no problems. NONE.

i decided to do a fresh restart of my phone so i poewred it down, and did a battery pull after the phone was completely off. turned it back on, gets to lock screen, i unlock......sits..loading...screen goes black, and whattya know, white HTC splash screen. a few times. it's god damn bootlooping FOR NO REASON. this is just absolutely wonderful!!!!!!!!!!

i think it lasted longer without the cover on the back, meaning theres something up with the network....i remember reading about this, it bootlooped with the back cover ON...anyone remember hearing that too?

EDIT* this WORKED! anyone who has this issue please do the following: (source

*#*#4636#*#* Under phone info you will find that the network is factory set to WCDMA Preferred... I guess the SIM card decides sometime along the way that it doesn't like that much... Setting the network to CDMA EVDO/LTE - Auto completely corrects the problem

another poster said that after you do this, hit home, power down the phone, pull sim card out, put it back in, then reset it. i didn't do this; i just went back, put the battery cover on, it froze like usual, reset itself, and now it's working perfectly. holy hell this god damn phone just gave me a heart attack!

for some reason, this is what happens: under phone info, as it says, it will reset to WCDMA Preferred for NO reason whatsoever! this must have happened when i shut my phone down; other people are reporting that doing "reboot" does this frequently for them! this is the first time in my month of ownership i saw this happen, so this was new to me...but thankfully, we have a fix!
I also had the boot loop problem with this information set to CDMA auto (PRL)...
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