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Originally Posted by irishjoeyo View Post
I simply can't get past the sad fact that this phone only has a 5mp camera. I've read a lot of nonsense commentary about that, saying things like "megapixels don't mean anything anymore". The simple fact of the matter is, while the number of megapixels certainly is not the only significant spec in a camera, it is certainly one of the most important specs if not the most important spec. The more pixels, the higher the resolution and hence the higher the quality the image is, plain and simple.
You sir could not be any more wrong. Megapixels do mean something, but to be honest, anything over 5MP is overkill. In fact, the more megapixels you put on the same size image sensor, the worse the quality gets. You start picking up more noise. Megapixels are a marketing gimik and nothing more. Any money spent by a developer/manufacturer to put anything larger than a 5MP sensor in a phone is simply money wasted. That money should be spent on enhancing the optics that are in the camera. A 5MP camera can EASILY produce a QUALITY 24" x 24" print. Now tell me, do you actually plan on taking a picture with your phone and blowing it up to art gallery sized proportions? No. I'd be willing to bet that 95% of the pictures taken with phones never see anything beyond a 1024x1024 resolution image uploaded to Facebook...if that much. That is 1MP. To be honest, anything over 2MP in a phone is overkill, but 5MP is pretty standard for point and shoot now, so that's why they're 5MP. Anything beyond that is simply money wasted.
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