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Originally Posted by SamXp View Post
Yep and that article doesn't even include the 1/3.2" or 1/4" that most Phones use. I have been saying for AWHILE more top teir Smartphones need to worry less about ultimate thickness and put in a 1/2.3" or larger camera sensor. My guess is that you could fit a 1/1.8" sensor in a phone and still have it reasonably thin if you were crafty about the design. It might end up a full half inch thick, but that would be fine with me if I had an extreme grade sensor.

I really feel though that 5-8mp will be the real limit on 1/3.2" phone sensors and they should be able to create plenty fine pix if they optimize these sensors at that MP and refine the lenses and such. Really would like a slightly thicker phone with a bigger 1/2.3" or 1/1.8" sensor and maybe 8-10mp with really great low light abilities though.

Originally Posted by bigvinny View Post
Does anyone actually try to print small poster-sized copy from camera phone? I'm just happy that I can whip out phone to take clear enough picture at the time of car accident ASAP. 5MP or 8MP really doesn't make a difference in camera phone when just about everything uses 1/2.3" or smaller sensors.
Yep, and 1/2.3" is RARE in a phone, but they do exist, just not in any top end broadly marketed phones.
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