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Default Update

Thought I'd provide an update on my extended use of the Lapdock 100 with the Bionic.

I just returned from an extended trip from my home in NC to Port Canaveral, FL and back. I used the Lapdock with the Bionic to web surf and work e-mails most of the way down and back. Also used it in my hotel room in Savannah, GA last night. I found that the LTE connection was actually much faster than the hotel wireless wifi so I just used it with my unlimited data. I've got the Zumocast app activated and was able to view documents and photos on the lapdock from my home computer with absolutely no problems.

The battery life is good, and I especially like how it charges the Bionic's battery when it is plugged in. I also like how when the Lapdock is plugged into its charger and the Bionic is connected both the unit and the Bionic get charged.

Bottom line: The more I use the Lapdock 100 the more I like it. For $199 it was a heck of a value.
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