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I just picked up the Nitro HD on the 12th and Love this phone. I had a iPhone 4 and was contemplating getting the 4S. While at the store the rep handed me a Nitro HD to try out while he was checking into my account. I had no idea what it was but loved the display, size and look/feel of the phone. I spent the next week reading up all i could about the phone and comparisons to ALL the others out there. I figured I'd give it 30 days to see if I'll convert. Well I can say this phone has impressed me in many ways. It has taken a little getting used to since I used an iPhone for 4yrs prior.

There is only "1" short coming that I hope I can overcome and that is the speaker. For media use I'd say its average at best. While using it for phone use it sounds horrible to me compared to the iPhone 4. It sounds like everyone is far away and has more of a digitized voice. When @ home and in a quiet environment it sounds ok but as soon as I'm outdoors I find myself having to put my finger over my other ear or cranking up the volume to near max which in turn only sounds like the poor speaker is about to blow up. I hope that I just have a lemon and can exchange for another unit tomorrow when i take it back to the store to test it more throughly. Hell I'm even willing to see if i can swap the speaker with another type that will fit the enclosure myself.

I love my iPhone but was never sold on "Apple" so I found my convert to Driod easy enough and don't think I'll be going back to Apple anytime soon. I'll follow-up once I decide what will be the next step. I'd love to hear from more owners about there experience with the sound of their phone. Otherwise my unit is flawless with the screen/UI/camera/sturdy & light feel. I too hope LG doesn't slack with the OS update to Ice Cream. This lil thing is a BEAST!

Feel free to ask any questions too.

UPDATE- Went to my local AT&T store to compare the phone with other Nitro's & the Skyrocket to be sure i didn't get a dud. I found When i had a youtube video side by side with the Skyrocket with the volume maxed on the Nitro I had to have the Nitro a few inches from my ear to be heard over the Skyrocket which was 3 feet away! I swapped my SIM to the skyrocket and made a call to my kid and she immediately said i sounded much clearer.

I then asked to look at another Nitro side-by-side and noticed something immediately the other screen reproduced the video with better flesh tones and didn't look as washed out. One odd thing though was the other Nitro didn't have the brightness set to auto but was in fact greyed out and had no adjustment available. The rep was baffled. While taking pics with the Nitro and Skyrocket I did notice the screen on the Nitro looked ALOT clearer and crisp over the Skyrocket but that's not to say the camera is bad..just the screen isn't near as nice.

I'm so torn. Fast CPU/great screen but cr@p sound from both speakers and low battery life to support that many pixels. Also didn't catch this before but the phone only has 2GB internal storage! Oh also found out that the LG OS 2.3.5 does NOT support 3rd party apps to play WMV files. Called LG and the rep said they do not currently support WMV viewing, but she did go on the tell me that they are going to release the upgrade for Ice cream sandwich soon.

For being touted as a Flagship product with these flaws it makes it hard for me to commit 2yrs to this product. Again this is an amazing phone that has all the potential to be a top tier Droid with some shortcomings that will be hard to overlook. I'll be doing more research and spending more time in my local store for hands on to see what to do next.
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