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Originally Posted by jkc120 View Post
Ok, I found a clip that exhibits this. It shows in the default movie player on the nexus and also the mx player app.

Can someone out there play this back and see if you notice it? I think it's pretty hard to miss, but would like some others' feedback. Watch the black parts of the video (especially the guy's hair on the left) and you'll see some really annoying blueish/light-blue blockiness in the black areas. This same video played back on my dinc doesn't show this.

I'm also curious if people with a Rezound can check this? That will probably be my next option if I return the Nexus.

Thanks in advance.
I can also see it. As soon as I got the phone I wanted to see the HD screen in action so I watched the Transformers trailer and The new Harry Potter trailer in HD(on youtube) and I saw that when there was dark scenes the blacks were pretty washed out. Kinda like what you see on some LED tvs. For myself, I don't watch too many vids so it's not a deal breaker for me. But I can see where that might bother others.
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